About The Song

Remember the electrifying energy of the 1960s? A time of social revolution, rock and roll swagger, and The Beatles, a band that redefined music. While The Beatles were known for crafting timeless pop hits and introspective ballads, they also possessed a playful spirit and a love for experimentation. “Dig It”, a short and raw rock and roll number, might not be one of their most well-known songs, but its recent 2021 mix offers a fascinating glimpse into the band’s creative process and their willingness to push boundaries.

Originally recorded in 1969 during the sessions for their iconic album Let It Be, “Dig It” was a short, impromptu jam session. John Lennon picks up the electric guitar, lays down a simple yet driving rhythm, and screams the titular phrase with raw energy. Paul McCartney joins in on bass, Ringo Starr keeps the beat on drums, and for a glorious 49 seconds, The Beatles unleash their unbridled rock and roll spirit. The 2021 mix, helmed by Giles Martin, son of the band’s longtime producer George Martin, takes this raw recording and breathes new life into it. The instruments are clearer, the energy is even more palpable, and “Dig It” becomes a captivating snapshot of The Beatles letting loose in the studio.

“Dig It (2021 Mix)” stands out from The Beatles’ more polished studio recordings. Unlike their meticulously crafted pop tunes or intricate orchestral arrangements, it’s a stripped-down, in-the-moment jam session. The song’s raw energy and garage rock feel are a stark contrast to the band’s evolving sound at the time. However, this very rawness is what makes “Dig It” so appealing. It’s a reminder that behind the polished persona, The Beatles were still four talented musicians who loved to have fun and experiment with their sound.

The 2021 mix also adds a new layer of appreciation for the song. Giles Martin’s work allows listeners to hear the individual performances more clearly, showcasing The Beatles’ tight musicianship and raw energy. The improved audio quality allows us to truly appreciate the song’s frenetic pace and the joy The Beatles took in creating it.

“Dig It (2021 Mix)” may not be a radio hit, but it’s a valuable addition to The Beatles’ vast discography. It’s a testament to their creativity, their willingness to experiment, and the sheer joy they found in making music together. So, crank up the volume, put on your headphones, and let “Dig It (2021 Mix)” transport you back to the electrifying spirit of the 60s. It’s a reminder that sometimes the most powerful music comes from letting loose, having fun, and simply digging it.